Crystal River Florida
Popular Habitat of the West Indian Manatee
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Crystal River Manatee Tours

Manatee Tours & Information
Swim With Manatees

Manatee Adventures Take the Ultimate Private Manatee Tour and Swim with Manatees in the Wild at Crystal River. Enjoy a scenic cruise to the popular habitat of the Florida Manatee. Get up-close and swim with the playful manatees. Exclusive, private manatee tours for your ultimate enjoyment. Call us at (352) 364-4799 or Toll Free (888) 600-7550

Crystal River Manatees
Sunshine River Tours Manatee Tours

Sunshine River Tours One of the original manatee tours! Experience your tour with an established tour company. Our captians are highly trained and our boats are fully equipped for your comfort. Enjoy a wonderful adventure to the clear popular spring waters and get an up-close meeting with the Florida Manatee. Our tours are educational oriented and provide the utmost enjoyment for your group or family. Book now online or call us for the best rates & times!

Crystal River Manatee Tour
Sunshine River Tours

Fun-2-Dive offers exciting manatee tours in the clear freshwater springs of Crystal River. Swimming with the manatees is a memory you'll always treasure! See the largest concentration of manatees in the world. Winter time tours are best because the area is loaded with manatees escaping the cold waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Some tours can be done in shallow water, which makes it ideal for children of all ages. Enjoy private or semi-private manatee tours for the entire family!

Fun-2-Dive Manatee Tours


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